Rebekah Hughes

You Say You Can’t Draw…But Can You Write? (This is technically a trick question…)

Between packing for our move and working on the children’s book I’m illustrating, yes, I AM working on Cycle 3 tutorials. While working on those, I ran across this fascinating quote from an 1885 report about the importance of teaching art in the 19th century American public schools.  This quote […]

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Art Seems Intimidating…But it Doesn’t Have to Be.

Hello again! So many times, I hear people saying, “Art is so intimidating, I’ll never get it”.   Case in Point: ArtPrize I grew up just outside Grand Rapids Michigan, and my parents still live there.  For three weeks every fall, the largest outdoor art festival in the world, ArtPrize, […]

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Can anyone be creative–or is it talent from birth?

For ages, we’ve believed that those people who can do something utterly amazing-art, music, dance, engineers, architects, scientists, are just talented.  They were born understanding how to draw, how to move to rhythm, how to put together structures, how to take apart complex problems to discover the solution. And for […]

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Classical Conversations, Tutor Scripts weeks 2-4

  Here are scripts for week 2 (“mirror image”),  week 3 (“upside down drawing”)  and week 4 (“abstract art”). Week 5’s “perspective” is taking longer,  just because the word “perspective” covers a very large field.  And since I’m trying to prep scripts for everyone from the four year old first […]

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