Week 6: The Final Project


Found this quote this week, and I love it. Keep it in mind whenever you struggle mastering a new concept or technique-or art!



Aaaaaand…it’s 1 am again!

A series of house showings and behind-the-scenes storage issues has swallowed my time.  But apparently, what I need to do is stay up late one night a week and write while listening to a good Pandora mix playing.

Here is Week 6, and I hope it helps.

As the time moves on, I’ve had some requests for things to do with the Great Artists (and I love telling stories about artists and composers, just ask my director!)  So I will start there with a couple of things from last year, and quickly moving on to this year so I don’t leave anyone high and dry!

Good luck my fellow tutors, and check back for more art projects, or stories about art!

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Good luck fellow tutors!

UPDATE: 9 am.  After a few hours of sleep, I looked over the tutorial again.  There were some really bad grammatical errors, particularly on the first page (not where you want them, if you have to have them…).  So I did some editing and cleaning.  While I’m sure my editor, Jeni Harshman, could find plenty more, at least the worst ones are removed.  Sorry about that!