Cycle 3 Week 13-Fine Artists: Grandma Moses

So…its amazing what you can-and can’t-do with a broken computer.  Slows things down quite a lot when I can only borrow a laptop for an hour or two a couple nights a week!  Here is Grandma Moses, and hopefully, I can get Rockwell up in another day or two, followed by O’Keefe (my personal favorite this time around. )


Since the goal here was to explore Grandma Moses, and our book already has a short bio on Grandma Moses, I didn’t include a step-by-step tutorial on Grandma Moses.

The first document is how to use the Timeline Cards for Fine Arts. I like to show the kids how many events took place during an artist’s lifetime. Once I got a complete set of Artist and Composer Cards and a set of the Famous Scientist CArds, I got creative (read: INSANE) and integrated them into the timeline.  This is mostly a visual aid for my students and their parents – a way to integrate history/timeline with art, so they can see what happened while the artist was alive.  Most of the time, I set the timeline up ahead of class starting, then tell everyone “Look at all the events and people who lived during <ARTIST’S> lifetime!” They then get to quietly look over the timeline while I read the short bio in the “Great Artist” book, and show them some samples of the artist’s work.  And that’s all-but some students and their parents really like seeing the events that happened during the artist’s life.

The second document is some Trivia and background of Grandma Moses, definition (and etymology!) of an art term related to Grandma Moses, and some samples of her work.  I’ve found these are best just left out for the parents to read, or for me to read during the drawing/painting time in case the kids are getting restless. I also included a “Take Home” suggestion again, for those who want to go deeper, or who have kids who want to know more about Grandma Moses.

Hopefully, I’ll get my machine back soon and can do more for everyone!  Good luck with your art!

GRandma Moses Timeline

CC c3 Fine Artists Grandma Moses