The Stages of Drawing, Part 2: Schematic and Dawning

If you missed part one of this mini-series, click here. This short, probably three-part series, is about how drawing develops in most people, and how you can help teach it, integrate it, and encourage it in your children and students. To recap, the stages of drawing are generally defined like […]

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The Stages of Drawing, Part 1

How do we learn to draw? Do children, or adults pass through different stages as they grow in terms of how they learn to draw? Yes they do. Each stage comes with its unique challenges and joys and limitations to how we can help them draw better. I thought, perhaps, […]

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Michelangelo and the second-worst project in the world

TL:DR: Michelangelo REALLY hated painting anything. Information packet about Michelangelo attached at the bottom. Michelangelo was a sculptor–according to him. He signed every contract, not matter what he was being contracted for, as “Michelangelo the Sculptor.” He considered painting as an inferior art and left his first master’s studio within […]

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Here we have Durer! One of the interesting things about Durer is the idea of printmaking itself. Prior to the printing press and the proliferation of books, art was EXCEEDINGLY expensive. It was, quite literally, a luxury product. Really, only a few people could own it, and art was purchased […]

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Ghiberti and Fra Angelico

I hope everyone is warm and safe today. My family was one of the millions trapped inside the “Polar Vortex” this week. The town shut down. There were no sports events, no church events, and even after the polar vortex had retreated slightly, we had to cancel our community day […]

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Week 5

I’m typing this while cooking dinner, late for my tutor meeting, and crock-potting our carry-in tomorrow! I have a love-hate relationship with the Perspective week, as some of your know.  “Perspective” is used too broadly for our directions, (they’re talking about converting a two dimensional (NOT at ONE Dimensional object, […]

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