Week 5

I’m typing this while cooking dinner, late for my tutor meeting, and crock-potting our carry-in tomorrow!

I have a love-hate relationship with the Perspective week, as some of your know.  “Perspective” is used too broadly for our directions, (they’re talking about converting a two dimensional (NOT at ONE Dimensional object, just in case you were confused) to a three dimensional object with depth.  This isn’t “Perspective” as it’s taught in art schools.  Perspective involves a horizon and at least one vanishing point most days.  The type of three-dimensinoal drawing most people are looking to do is called “Oblique Projection”.

But I digress.

I have Abecedarians this year and after last year’s fiasco, I COMPLETELY RE-WROTE the first module for little kids.  My guinea pigs…ahem…my fellow tutors and our classes really responded well to it, so if you’re having trouble figuring out how to do Perspective with young ones, try this. Gauged toward Abecedarians and Apprentices, especially if you have students who really struggle with drawing.

Perspective Lesson 1

Second level Perspective, for older, mroe experienced, or more confident students is more in line with the Foundations Guide: how to turn two dimensional objects, (squares, triangles, circles) into three-dimensional objects.  Includes explanation of perspective.

Perspective Lesson 2

Third Level: (which can be done in conjunction with the second level if you have time)  How to add details or roughen shapes to convert three-dimensional shapes into recognizable objects like books, trees, or lamps

Perspective Lesson 3

Fourth Level; For upper students or those looking for a challenge, draw a Greek Temple in one-Point Perspective.

Perspective Lesson 4

As a side note, I don’t know WHAT that grid is in the Foundations Guide, but please don’t use it.  It’s showing at least six-eight various vanishing points, which is very confusing.  I’ll try to upload another one soon.

Finally, I’m so sorry for taking so long and even so, the formatting is all over the place.  I’ll make corrections and upload better copies soon as I can (I’m scrambling to finish my IEW paperwork for my Essentials tutoring gig this weekend too!   GAAAAHHH!!!!)  But as my husband pointed out, better imperfect and shipped for you all to use than perfect and shipped in a month when everyone was let out to dry.

So sorry I’ve floundered everywhere this year!