Rebekah Hughes

Michelangelo and the second-worst project in the world

TL:DR: Michelangelo REALLY hated painting anything. Information packet about Michelangelo attached at the bottom. Michelangelo was a sculptor–according to him. He signed every contract, not matter what he was being contracted for, as “Michelangelo the Sculptor.” He considered painting as an inferior art and left his first master’s studio within […]

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Here we have Durer! One of the interesting things about Durer is the idea of printmaking itself. Prior to the printing press and the proliferation of books, art was EXCEEDINGLY expensive. It was, quite literally, a luxury product. Really, only a few people could own it, and art was purchased […]

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Week 5

I’m typing this while cooking dinner, late for my tutor meeting, and crock-potting our carry-in tomorrow! I have a love-hate relationship with the Perspective week, as some of your know.  “Perspective” is used too broadly for our directions, (they’re talking about converting a two dimensional (NOT at ONE Dimensional object, […]

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Week 4-Abstract Art

Here’s Abstract Art!  (Literally…)  Honestly, I hated abstract art back when I was an art student.  Of course, at times it seems the art world expects people to instinctively understand the “brilliance” of particular pieces of art, and if they don’t…well, then, there’s no help for you. As I’ve learned more […]

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Week 2!

Sorry about the delay-I wish I could say my computer ate my visuals for this module but the truth is…I forgot where I saved them, and had to start all over! The actual tutorial is virtually unchanged, outside of page numbers and drawing exercises at the end.  I liked how […]

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Fifth Edition Week 1 is here!

Week 1 is done!  Week 1 is done! <Screaming for joy as I run over the hills!> Kidding.  There really aren’t many hills near my neighborhood…and you can get lost in the forest of corn until harvest season! Week 1 is done, and I hope you find it helpful.  This […]

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