Perspective Pt. 2: You Wanna Draw a Castle?

Every year I create a one-point perspective for the advanced students and parents who want to draw “real” perspective.

But perspective is like a lot of things: hard until you “get it” and then it can be, frankly, relaxing. I follow the rules, use my ruler and eraser, and I can all but guarantee that the thing I”m drawing will look half-way three-dimensional.

I wanted to draw a castle, in keeping with this year’s Medieval theme but guess what? Castles are HARD. Especially for beginners. It never helps that over the generations, they kind of grew and sprawled as new owners added “more fashionable” wings to the complex. (and rarely at right angles!) When I visited Warwick Castle in England, there was everything from Pre-Norman (underground) ruins to Norman pieces, to the Medieval towers and walls, to Victorian halls. The place just kept growing and moving around within the walls.

So here it is, and I included a touch more about Perspective vocabulary, because it’s much easier saying, “draw the Orthogonal line back to the Vanishing Point.” and “Draw this above the Horizon”, if all of those words make sense, and you know their precise meanings within the artistic world.

Perspective Lesson 4 2019-2020

And Just for some extra fun, here is a great, funny cartoon about what the Magna Carta is, why is it called the “Magna Carta”, and how it came to be. Really cute.