Week 4-Abstract Art

Here’s Abstract Art!  (Literally…) 

Honestly, I hated abstract art back when I was an art student.  Of course, at times it seems the art world expects people to instinctively understand the “brilliance” of particular pieces of art, and if they don’t…well, then, there’s no help for you.

As I’ve learned more about abstract and modern art, (how it grew out of the Post-Impressionists, how it helped combat WWII Axis forces in the public eye, the stories behind many pieces,)  I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more. I even like several pieces, like Sonia Delaunay’s work, or some Kandinsky works.  Mind, I think I’ve grown into the appreciation/respect level, not necessarily a fan of all abstract art!

There are two packets here.  The first is the tutorial.  The first “Streamlined” tutorial has been overhauled and waaaaay simplified because I’m learning a lot about  presenting in front of the really young kids.  The “More Information” tutorial is mostly unchanged from last year.  There’s a new definition of Abstract art as well tucked in the back, if you find that useful.

The second packet linked here is an artist packet.  There are seven artists this year, and I hope to add a few every year.  You can print these off, and use them in class, or, as a parent, hang them in a cheap frame somewhere you and your child will see it every day for a couple of weeks. (I know of one person who states the bathroom, hung where they can see it when they  use the room!  Seems brilliant to me, especially as mine don’t have access to electronics in the restroom yet!

Hope this helps!

 C1W4 Abstract Art

Abstract Artist Packets