Week 3-Draw Upside Down

Here we go!

I struggled with this one because a part of me wanted to draw the Greek gods and goddesses we are studying for history this week, but then I realized-two birds with one stone, I could instead draw animals like the eagle (which happens to be associated with Zeus), the Owl (Athena-Minerva) and Stag with moon (Artemis-Diana) and it could cover both Science and history.  And that way, no one, including me, needs to tackle these classic, gorgeous, Greek sculptures!  I think the animals turned out adorable anyway, but I may be prejudiced…

Mind, drawing upside down is one of those exercises where you can probably more easily draw something you think is “too difficult”.  Especially if you cover a part of the paper and only draw a section at a time, you may very well discover that you CAN draw something far more difficult than you ever dreamed.

I’ve also make a slight change: The tutorial is like usual, the tutorial followed by all the quotes and exercise patterns.  If, however, you only want to print several patterns, you can simply download and print the C1W3 Drawing Exercises Packet on its own.

I hope this works well for everyone!

C1W3 Upside Down Tutorial with Exercises

C1W3 Upside Down Exercise Packet  (no tutorial)