Week 2!

Sorry about the delay-I wish I could say my computer ate my visuals for this module but the truth is…I forgot where I saved them, and had to start all over!

The actual tutorial is virtually unchanged, outside of page numbers and drawing exercises at the end.  I liked how the teaching portion of the  module  came out last year, and didn’t really want to change anything too much.  I did update all of the Exercise 1 Mirror Image exercises, and included, after feedback from abecedarian and apprentice tutors, simpler patterns for those kids.

So here it is, and I have Week 3 sitting open in Word now, so I know where to start tomorrow!  hopefully, it won’t take me too long to update Module 3!  I’m so sorry, but if you need to move on to Week 3, let me know, I might be able to email you the exercises separately, and you can use the tutorial from last year.

5th ed C1W2 Mirror Image