Week 5 is DONE!!!!!!

This was a sketch I did for the children's book I illustrated, Catherine's Pascha. This shows one-point perspective.

This was a prep sketch I did for the children’s book I illustrated, Catherine’s Pascha. This shows one-point perspective-the lines of the walls and icons are all heading to a point centered on Jesus’s face beneath the arch in the center of the iconostasis.


I should have known.

I was able to knock out weeks 1-4 relatively quickly, but week 5 always kicks me around.  Which is strange, because I LOVE Perspective drawing.  It’s regular, it’s got rules, I can always draw a little house in one or two point perspective just for fun when I’m frustrated that something else isn’t going well.

But it’s hard to teach at the 4-12 year old level!

It took me a long time to break down, and Murphy’s Law, August also saw my Practicum, Tutor Meetings, the start of my chapter of CC, and of course, house showings, nearly a dozen of them.

Because we’re selling our house. Apparently, I’m not busy enough.

Kidding.  It’s nearly 1 am now, please humor me.  Or forgive me.

But it’s done and I think it might work (that might also be the sleep deprivation talking…)

There’s a TON that got cut that I may post later for those of you who might want something different, or for those parents who wants to explore more deeply, (or has a student who wants to do more!)

No specific Cycle 2 theme here, sorry.  The Castle…it got out of hand for a step-by-step tutorial.  My hubby suggested making it into a stand-alone blog post, and I think he’s right, so look for that soon.

Now I have to get some sleep–I have a field trip at a historical farm tomorrow.  Good night all!